Rosemary Stinger

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My art is like my cooking.  When I’m in the right mood I look around to see what materials are at hand, then proceed to try to create something.  When it is finished it is either trash or treasure. 

People have tried to teach me things in the past but mostly I just learn by trial and error.  I happened on pastels about 7 years ago when I retired from the last of my varied careers.  I like the fact that it will let me work at my own pace, sometimes waiting months in the closet between work sessions.

People and animals are what I paint.  Trying to capture the grace in the action of an athlete, the gentleness of the animals, or the personality in the smile of a friend is the challenge that keeps me plugging away.

Prints are available for some of the paintings of which I am most fond, and the ones of animals have also been made into note cards.

Stingerose is my “nom de plume”………..for now.